Kari Lake's election lawsuit tossed on Christmas Eve after judge 'dismantles' her complaints: report
Kari Lake (Photo via Shutterstock)

According to a report from AzCentral, former newscaster Kari Lake got a lump of coal on Christmas Eve from Maricopa County Judge Peter Thompson who tossed out her election-related lawsuit.

The controversial Lake has sought to overturn the election of Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs, alleging a multitude of complaints that there was fraud involved in her loss after gaining the endorsement of former president Donald Trump.

The report states that, after two days of hearings, Thompson was unconvinced by Lake's so-called "expert witnesses" who withered under cross-examination.

According to the report, "Lake can appeal the case before Hobbs is expected to be sworn into office Jan. 2. Because of the tight timetable, the case may move swiftly to the Arizona Supreme Court. Thompson noted that real problems did affect the election, but election workers tried their best and performed their role 'with integrity.'"

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The report also notes that the judge "dismantled" Lake's case in a 10-page ruling.

"Following attorneys’ oral arguments on Dec. 19, Thompson ordered the two-day evidence trial to give Lake a chance to prove two of her claims: that a county employee interfered illegally with the printers in a way that caused her to lose votes, and/or that ballots were added to the county’s total unlawfully," the report states before adding, "His 10-page ruling dismantles Lake’s witnesses and their arguments, denying in each case they presented compelling evidence. Any request for sanctions in the case need to be made by Dec. 26 at a.m., the ruling states."

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