Kari Lake says she will allow 'illegitimate' Katie Hobbs to 'play governor for a while'
Kari Lake / Gage Skidmore

Former Arizona candidate Kari Lake said on Thursday that Katie Hobbs (D) could "play governor for a while" until courts overturn the 2022 election.

"She knows when she took that oath that she stole this election," Lake told Bannon hours after the Arizona Supreme Court denied one of her election petitions.

"The good thing about this being dragged out a little bit is that more and more information is coming our way," she continued. "We're going to expose each and every one of them. And the walls are going to start to close in on them."

Lake said that she was going to "look for one judge that loves the Constitution and loves this country."

"Katie Hobbs was not duly elected," she added. "Everybody in the state knows that. And she can play house and play governor for a while. But eventually, the truth is going to catch up and we will win."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.