'I'm not running away': Kari Lake flees reporters while claiming she's not
KPNX/screen grab

Arizona Republican nominee for governor Kari Lake fled reporters over the weekend while claiming that she wasn't "running away."

KPNX reporter Brahm Resnik shared video of Lake concluding a press conference without answering all questions.

"You're not taking questions and [your opponent Katie Hobbs] is taking questions," one reporter shouted at Lake as she walked away.

Lake stopped and turned to the reporter: "I just took four, five or six or seven or eight questions."

Resnik noted that Hobbs had taken more questions.

"No, no, no," Lake protested as she stood in a doorway. "I'm not running away. Guys, I'm not running away. I'm making a statement. We answered questions already."

"So did Katie Hobbs," the reporter shot back.

"Katie Hobbs ran away," Lake claimed. "I'm not running away."

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"Then come back and answer some questions," Resnik suggested.

"I don't answer to you," the candidate snapped.

"No, you don't," the reporter agreed. "But you're saying Katie Hobbs ran away and you're running away."

"I just answered 30 minutes of questions," Lake insisted.

"She did too," Resnick pointed out.

"I answer questions every day from the fake news," Lake remarked as she turned and walked away.

Watch the video below or at the link.