'These are the truest Trump believers': Karl Rove mocks Trump for 'losing strength' in CPAC poll
Fox News/screen grab

Republican strategist Karl Rove on Sunday needled former President Donald Trump for losing popularity among his core supporters at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

While waiting for the former president, who was an hour late for his speech, Fox News host John Roberts talked to Rove about the results of a CPAC straw poll.

"95% said they wanted the party to continue his policies," Roberts explained "70% of people said that they wanted to see him run again but 55% said that they would vote for him. I thought that number might have been higher."

"Bingo," Rove agreed. "Remember, this was a group that came to this meeting for largely one reason: President Trump was going to be there. This is the truest Trump believers. And for him to only get 55% says -- as I said in my column -- he is losing strength because he's not introducing something new. He's losing strength whether he recognizes it."

"I'd take that as a cautionary note," he added. "He needs to refresh his act. He needs to change and he needs to offer a vision for the future."

Watch the video below from Fox News.