Kathy Barnette slams Trump and his 'bad advisers' for 'unfortunate' robocall attacking her
Donald Trump (AFP)

On Monday, Axios reported that Kathy Barnette, the far-right talk radio host suddenly rising in the polls for the GOP Senate nomination in Pennsylvania, lashed out at former President Donald Trump over a robocall urging voters not to back her.

Trump has endorsed Dr. Oz, the former thoracic surgeon and daytime TV talk show host, for the position instead.

" Fox News Channel's 'Special Report' played snippets of a robocall in which Trump says that Barnette 'wanted to build a statue to Barack Hussein Obama and attacked the father of our country, George Washington. That's no good,'" reported Herb Scribner. "Barnette responded to the robocalls, saying 'that is unfortunate that the president would say that ... Again, I'm going to chalk it up to he has bad advisers on that one. It is very clear."

Barnette has quickly become a controversial figure in the race. She has called for making the practice of Islam illegal in the United States; called transgender people "deformed"; and was photographed marching toward the Capitol on January 6 with members of the Proud Boys, although she denies having taken part in the insurrection itself.

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Complicating things further for the GOP, Barnette has come out guns blazing against her Republican opponents. At a speech in Bucks County on Sunday, Barnette said that Oz has "never used his public platform to push any of our America First agenda" and accused another major competitor, former hedge fund CEO David McCormick, of being in bed with China.

Oz, who is himself a Muslim, has slammed Barnette over her past comments on his religion, calling them "reprehensible" and "disqualifying."