Kathy Griffin reports her MAGA bully to the FBI after seeing her at Capitol insurrection
Kathy Griffin (Shutterstock)

Comedian Kathy Griffin is having the last laugh after one of her MAGA bullies was spotted at the Capitol insurrection.

According to LGBTQ Nation, Danielle McCarty, a.k.a. "Muscle Mommy Fit" and "Fit Patriot Mom" was among the first to wage a war against Griffin for her Jan. 9 tweet saying, "Just resign now. You lost. Its over," (sic).

McCarty went on the attack against the Trump foe, tagging Griffin in an insult-tweet. It prompted Griffin to click on the woman, who she discovered was at the attack on the Capitol.

"The despicable Kathy Griffin is at it again," McCarty said in a since-deleted tweet from "Fit Patriot Mom."

"Oh, you shouldn't have tagged me," Griffin tweeted with a screen capture of McCarty's tweet. "You were there on Jan 6. You pulled your video, but I found it. Looks like you're a domestic terrorist and now we all know it, @musclemommyfit."

McCarty has since deleted her Twitter account @musclemommyfit, but not before the incriminating evidence was gathered.

McCarty was spotted in the archived videos posted to Parler outside the Capitol, whining that she was teargassed.

"We got teargassed when we were in the middle of a prayer," McCarty whines. "We weren't even trying to rush the cops!"

Danielle McCarty at Capitol insurrection www.youtube.com

Griffin revealed that McCarty's video was sent to the FBI.

She then looked through McCarty's Instagram account, finding a slew of strange photos of her children with weapons.

McCarty has deleted much of her social media attempting to cover up her involvement in the attack. It's unknown if she's been contacted by the FBI.