Kayleigh McEnany buried for meltdown over magazine cover snub
Kayleigh McEnany speaks to CNN (screen grab)

On Friday, former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany lashed out at what she regarded as a personal snub by the national press after it was reported that legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz was tasked with shooting a portrait of current press secretary Jen Psaki for a magazine cover.

During her "Outnumbered" appearance on Fox News, Donald Trump's last presidential press secretary claimed, "It's just so sad that you have a fawning press corps like this, a fawning media sycophantically covering members of the Biden administration. They asked Jen Psaki yesterday about Joe Biden's cat. I mean, it's incredible the kinds of questions that they ask. We need investigative journalism. We don't need fawning coverage. It doesn't do the American people any justice."

McEnany's whining about why the press never fawned over her, brought out the Twitter critics who detailed the many lowlights of her career in the White House.

You can see a sampling below: