Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who is now a Fox News host, lashed out at members of the media on Monday after President Joe Biden was seen answering questions without a face mask.

Following a press conference in which Biden discussed the new omicron Covid-19 variant, McEnany insisted that the press corps should have used its time to ask the president about images showing him not wearing a mask during the Thanksgiving holiday.

McEnany suggested that she had been treated unfairly as press secretary because she was often asked about former President Donald Trump's disdain for wearing a mask in public.

"What is he doing?" she asked. "I mean, I was asked ad nauseam about President Trump anytime he did not wear a mask and follow-ups and aggressive reporters. Where was the question from the press when President Biden just said wear a mask, why weren't you doing so on Nantucket?"

"That was irresponsible in my view for that question not to be asked!" McEnany argued. "But at the end of the day, no one has politicized this virus more than President Joe Biden. You have the mask-wearing incident there. You have Kamala [Harris] saying on the campaign trail, if Donald Trump tells me to take the vaccine, I won't take it. You have Biden mimicking that rhetoric. Then they get into office. Yay! Take the vaccine."

She added: "It is politicization of this virus on the campaign trail! They dismissed the policies, they eschewed the policies they are now putting in place. They were always effective. Where's the consistency?"

During McEnany's tenure at the White House, Trump nearly always refused to wear a mask and told his advisers that the virus protection would "send the wrong message."

Watch the video below.

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany lashed out at members of the media on Monday