Kayleigh McEnany claims White House wants 'peaceful transition' -- after inciting riots for months
Photo: screen capture

Ever since the election, President Donald Trump, his supporters, and Republican officials have collectively attempted to overthrow the 2020 election. There has been over 60 lawsuits, a slew of press conference from the president's lawyers and legal allies and rallies proclaiming that the election was "stolen" from his supporters and that they should fight for their rights.

At the Trump rally Wednesday, Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani encouraged a "trial by combat." Donald Trump Jr., after the election, called for "total war." Trump supporters called for the rally-goers to "burn down DC." And when President Donald Trump took the stage Wednesday, he told the crowd that they were going to march to the Capitol and that he would march along with them.

Now the White House is in damage control. Taking to the podium on Thursday, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that the White House would have a peaceful transition of power and denounced the violence that the president incited the previous day.

"Now is the time to come together and reject the violence that we've seen," she said. It is the first time anyone in the White House has called for people to "come together" since the election in November.

She refused to take any questions.

It is unclear if McEnany was speaking for the president, as she cited the White House staff supported the peaceful transition of power, not Trump specifically.

The White House press pool reporter for Thursday is Yahoo's Brittany Shepherd. Her report of the press conference was, "Kayleigh exited at 5:19 pm the briefing room after delivering a statement on the violence at the Capitol yesterday. She took no questions, despite our yells-- to be clear, your pooler does not consider what just happened a 'briefing.'"