Trump-loving GOP candidate says God thinks she's 'cute': 'I've got this high-powered brain that never stops and drives me crazy'

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) has picked up a primary challenger from a right-wing Christian who speaks in tongues to help cope with her "high-powered brain."

Kelly Tshibaka, the state commissioner of administration, launched her GOP primary challenge with the backing of some key allies of former president Donald Trump, whose election fraud claims she backed, after spending years serving in the federal government and running a Pentecostal church in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., reported The Alaska Landmine.

"That's when I realized God loves it when I try to talk in my spirit language," Tshibaka told her congregation at Mount Vernon Foursquare Church. "He thinks it's so cute that the only person in the world who can understand me is Him, and it gave me the freedom to just start — to just start sounding like an 18-month-old, because in my spirit, I probably was just 18 months old, and then what happened is, over time, I'd start to notice sentences or phrases, or, if you listen to it now, if you were to record it, you could tell there's a syntax and there's grammar, and I can tell with my brain that it's a real language."

The Pentecostal denomination is known for its pastors and members speaking in tongues, and Tshibaka told congregants that babbling helped calm her overactive thoughts.

"When I'm praying in tongues, my brain oftentimes is active," she said. "That's just because I've got this high-powered brain that never stops and drives me crazy, and so what I'll often do is I will send it on another assignment."

Alaska U.S. Senate Candidate Kelly Tshibaka Talking in Tongues