'Worst thing you've ever broadcast': American Idol slammed for giving Kellyanne Conway a rehab appearance
Kellyanne Conway

American Idol is taking some heat for letting former Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway rehab her image with an appearance on their show.

Conway over the weekend appeared on American Idol because her daughter, Claudia Conway, was a contestant on the singing competition.

During the show, Kellyanne was beamed in via video to tell her teenage daughter how proud she was of her, despite the fact that the two had been bitterly fighting one another in public over the last several months.

"We love you so much, sweetheart, we're really proud of you," Kellyanne told her daughter.

Many of American Idol's Twitter followers were not pleased to see the show act as a vehicle for Kellyanne Conway's public rehabilitation, especially because it let Conway try to get back into good graces by using a daughter she's been feuding with for the better part of the last year.

Check out some reactions below.