Kellyanne Conway attempts to rehab her reputation with appearance on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher
'Real Time' screengrab.

Former White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway on Friday attempted to repair her public image with an appearance with on HBO's Bill Maher.

""So how do you look back now four years later, did anything go wrong?" Maher asked.

Conway praised all the good Trump did and attempted to distance herself from the violent insurrection, which she referred to as "vulgar."

Maher noted that the insurrection was caused by Trump's lie about election fraud and noted Conway did not publicly accept the fact President-elect Joe Biden won until December 4th, which was weeks after the election.

Conway noted she had lunch with Trump on December 22nd and said they discussed his legacy, which she praised.

"You can't deny that many people are better off," Conway argued.

"They're not better off now, a lot of them are dead," Maher replied.

"Do you think you helped normalize anything bad?" Maher asked.

Maher read an extensive list of insults that Trump had said about him.

"You said he doesn't hurl insults?" Maher asked.

Conway went on to brag about having a seat at the table during the Trump administration and complained that "the Trump people are always mocked."