Texas AG Ken Paxton dropped child sex abuse case 'after losing track of one of the victims': AP
Ken Paxton's Facebook.

The Associated Press on Friday published a lengthy report about dysfunction within the office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, including a story about the office dropping a significant child sex abuse case because it lost track of one of the victims.

As the AP details, a case that the Texas AG had been working on since last year fell apart in part because the AG's office said it was now "unable to locate victim" who would have been a witness in the case.

The case involved a group of men who were involved in a scheme to force teenage girls to "exchange sexual contact for crystal methamphetamine."

The Texas AG's office said that it was dropping charges against the men in the case after it both lost track of a victim and after another witness recanted past testimony.

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Republican District Attorney Dusty Boyd, whose office handed over the sex trafficking case to the Texas AG's office, was absolutely apoplectic about this development.

“For Pete’s sake, you’re the AG’s office," Boyd told the AP. "You can’t find the victim?"

Boyd said that this case was part of a wider dysfunction at the office under Paxton's leadership.

“It’s absolutely broken... you don’t do it this way,” said Boyd. “I made the mistake of trusting them that they would come in and do a good job.”

Paxton has long been beset by controversy and scandal, and just this week it was revealed that he fled his own house to avoid being served a subpoena.