Trump-defending lawyer Alan Dershowitz slams Ted Cruz's 'bigotry' as he questioned Judge Jackson
Alan Dershowitz -- ABC screenshot

On Wednesday, former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz slammed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) — a former student of his — for his line of questioning of Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, demanding that she define the word "woman" in an apparent attempt to weed out whether she would be too supportive of transgender rights for his liking.

Dershowitz has long described himself as a liberal Democrat; however, he is a favorite scholar among allies of former President Donald Trump, as he has opposed investigations into the former president's conduct around Russia and even testified in Trump's favor at his first impeachment.

"So, would you discriminate against someone who changed genders, if they wanted to serve as a federal judge? No, no! That's bigotry," said Dershowitz. "People have the right to choose how to live their lives. Cruz asked a series of absurd questions — I hope he didn't learn them from me, he was my student — where he said, well, if a man has the right to choose to be a woman, I as a Latino person have a right to be Asian. No! No, you don't. You can't change into somebody who's Asian. You can parody someone who's Asian and live an Asian life and be part of Asian culture, but no, you can't do that. You can convert, you can be born a Jew and become a Catholic, you can be born a Catholic and become a Jew."

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Dershowitz then explained how this related to transgender rights.

"There's certain things you can change, certain things you can't," continued Dershowitz. "We used to think that gender was one of them. It turns out it's not! It turns out you can change gender and live a perfectly happy and good life. We have two friends who have grandchildren who have changed genders, and in both cases, they're living much, much, much happier lives with the gender change."

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