kevin mccarthy
(Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

With just a day to go before the election of House Speaker, Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) still hasn't locked down the votes he'll need to win a majority.

Pro-McCarthy sources who spoke with CBS News reporter Robert Costa say that the GOP leader's allies are urging him to adopt a strategy of flat-out refusing to leave the floor of the House of Representatives on Tuesday until his detractors within the party relent and make him the Speaker of the House.

"What I keep hearing tonight at Cap from sources close to McCarthy: he’s going to stay on the floor tomorrow," reports Costa. "That’s the plan. Battle it out, if need be, but do it in the open and have the conversations in public. He’s being told to never leave the floor by rank-and-file allies."

McCarthy's allies fear that if he does leave the floor, it will give his nemeses time to push for a "leadership shakeup" and perform "member theater."

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Given how unpredictable such a closed-door battle would be, McCarthy's allies think the only solution is to "never leave the floor."

This all comes as comparatively moderate Republicans such a Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE) have been warning the anti-McCarthy hardliners that he and other Republicans might work with Democrats to elect a moderate GOP Speaker if they tank McCarthy's bid.