'Insurrection LLC': Eric Swalwell torches Kevin McCarthy for governing based on 'Trump's grievances'
Kevin McCarthy on Facebook.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) may have booted Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) from his committee assignments in the House of Representatives, but that's apparently left the California Democrat with more time to trash McCarthy publicly during MSNBC appearances.

While being interviewed by host Nicolle Wallace, Swalwell criticized McCarthy's actions during his first month as House Speaker.

Among other things, he argued that McCarthy has catered far too much to his extremist members who humiliated him by making him sit through more than a dozen failed votes before finally coming around to backing his bid.

He also said that McCarthy has unveiled no plans so far to tackle inflation, which was Republicans' top issue in this fall's election campaign.

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"He's not delivering on inflation, gas, grocery costs, healthcare, border, crime, all the things he told the voters he would deliver on," Swalwell said.

Instead, the California Democrat said, McCarthy is only doing the bidding of seeking vengeance against the enemies of former President Donald Trump.

"They have created a law firm, Insurrection LLC, and they're going to carry out Donald Trump's grievances," he quipped. "Talk about not reading the room from this past election!"

Watch the interview below or at this link.

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