Kevin McCarthy ridiculed for claim Democrats should change their name if they're serious about racism
YouTube/screen grab

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is being ridiculed after a Fox News appearance in which he said that if Democrats were really serious about racism, they'd change their name.

According to McCarthy, the party "Democrat" was used by many racists during the Civil War. Today, the Republican Party is harbor to racists.

According to the good people of Merriam-Webster, the word "democrat" is a 1790 word that means, adherent or advocate of democracy." From French démocrate (18c., opposed to aristocrate). It explains that it was "formally revived in U.S. as a political party affiliation 1798, with a capital D." In the 1790s, the two main parties today were actually one main one, known as Democratic-Republicans, the party of then Vice President and future President Thomas Jefferson, who was opposed to the Federalist Party at the time.

So, by McCarthy's logic, if Republicans are truly committed to opposing Democrats, they should change their name, because during the 1790s, they were known as Democratic-Republicans.

See the video and the mockery of McCarthy below: