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Former Rep. David Jolly (R-FL) went off on House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), recalling his attempt to stop McCarthy from obtaining the top spot in the GOP House in 2015.

Host Medhi Hasan asked Jolly how frequent this level of lying is in the GOP and if it's typical for McCarthy.

"It was brazen, but I will say that Kevin McCarthy is one of the most scurrilous, power-hungry, craven, hypocritical leaders to be elevated within the Republican conference," Jolly began. "I say that as one of the members that opposed him when he tried to become Speaker in 2015 and, ultimately, stopped his ascension to the Speakership when John Boehner resigned. Kevin McCarthy got to congress knowing that he wanted to be Speaker of the House."

Jolly went on to recall that McCarthy was one of the three young Republicans known as the "Young Guns" who thought of themselves as the future of the GOP. It was McCarthy, Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan. Of the three, only McCarthy is left.

"But what the nation learned once again today is that Kevin McCarthy lied to his own leadership team, he lied to the conference, he lied to the former president, he lied to the press, and he lied to the American people," said Jolly. "The only saving grace here, Medhi, is that the entire Republican conference already knew that. They have already supported him. Because understand that he actually said on that private call to the entire Republican conference on the 11th of January that Donald Trump has accepted responsibility. He told the entire conference that. But then he went out and told the world a different story. Republicans saw him do that, and have yet to hold Kevin McCarthy accountable. They are in this bed with him, all the way."

Hasan noted that Americans are hearing the recording for the first time, but that the Republican caucus heard it over a year ago and have known this whole time what was really going on.

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