'It's just shameful': Kevin McCarthy trashed on CNN for resurrecting political career of 'dictator-in-exile' Trump
Donald Trump with Kevin McCarthy at Mar-a-Lago (Photo: McCarthy social media)

On CNN Thursday, correspondent Jim Acosta tore into House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for his trip to visit with former President Donald Trump at his property in Bedminster, New Jersey — even after it was revealed that military leaders were fearful Trump would incite a coup after the Capitol riot.

During a panel discussion, anchor Wolf Blitzer expressed astonishment at McCarthy's continued willingness to curry favor with the twice-impeached former one-term president.

"Is Kevin McCarthy ... still unfazed by the dangers Trump posed?" he asked Acosta.

"This is a different Kevin McCarthy," said Acosta. "In January, he says Donald Trump bears responsibility for the insurrection on January 6. It's tough to square for the Republican Party. They have been talking about repressive regimes down in Cuba and the Caribbean while at the same time kissing the ring of the wannabe dictator in Bedminster. I mean, that's exactly what they're doing right now."

"Do you think McCarthy is getting marching orders from Donald Trump?" asked Blitzer.

"It sounds like it, that he is the organ grinder of the Republican Party," said Acosta. "Earlier this year, he was almost like a dictator in exile. He's now a dictator making a comeback, and he's being enabled by people like Kevin McCarthy at this point. They're breathing life into the tattered ruins of his presidency, and it's just shameful to watch."

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Jim Acosta says Trump was like a "dictator in exile" but the GOP brought him back www.youtube.com