Republicans are unable to push out the 'whackjobs' in their caucus: Former GOP lawmaker
Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) (Screen cap).

On CNN Tuesday, former Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) scorched the GOP under House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, declaring it unable to purge the "whackjobs" from its ranks.

"Going forward, [moderate Republicans] will be savaged by their own," said anchor Chris Cuomo. "This is a party that will hang with Matt Gaetz. I'm all for due process. He would be a dead man on the left because it's all about the process. Here, they stick with the QAnon kook and kill Liz Cheney. If you're a moderate, aren't you a DMW, Dead Man Walking?"

Dent disagreed that the GOP was not capable of crafting serious policy — but concurred with Cuomo on his key point.

"I completely agree with you what you said about Marjorie Taylor Greene," said Dent. "The fact that she wasn't dealt with forcefully, they threw Steve King off committees, as they should have, for his incendiary comments. But they're marginalizing — what's scary to me is they're marginalizing rational members like Liz Cheney instead of marginalizing the whackjobs. That's the problem. When Boehner was speaker, Ryan, they were pretty good about pushing out the kooks and empowering the mainstream."

Watch below:

Charlie Dent says the GOP can't purge the "whackjobs"