Man opens fire on St. Louis KFC because they ran out of corn​: report

According to the Riverfront Times, a customer at a Kentucky Fried Chicken on the Central West End of St. Louis, Missouri shot an employee in the abdomen after discovering that the restaurant was out of corn.

"St. Louis Metropolitan Police say an unknown man entered the drive-thru at KFC's Central West End location on Monday evening when, to the man's horror, he was told KFC had run out of corn," reported Monica Obradovic. "The man began to hurl threats at employees through the drive-thru speaker box. Later, at an unspecified time, the man came back to the drive-thru with a handgun."

"An employee went outside to respond to the corn-less customer, who then shot the employee, a 25-year-old male," the report continued. "The victim was then privately conveyed to a hospital where he was in stable condition as of Monday evening."

Police do not know the whereabouts of the shooter, who according to reports is a man in his 40s or 50s.

The ease of access to guns in the United States has resulted in numerous incidents like this, where minor disagreements have escalated to deadly violence when one party starts shooting.

In November, for instance, a southwest Ohio man shot and killed his neighbor "because he thought he was a Democrat." And earlier this month, an elderly man in a retirement community south of Port St. Lucie, Florida fatally shot his homeowner's association president and her husband in an argument over access to the shared laundry room.