Texas teacher gave middle school students word searches loaded with derogatory names and racial slurs

A middle school teacher in Killeen, Texas, is out of a job after an assignment was given to students that included worksheets that were loaded with racial slurs, KRIS 6 News reports.

Killeen ISD spokesperson Tiana Maya said that she doesn't know if the teacher resigned or was fired, but in a letter to parents on Thursday, district superintendent Dr. John Craft said an investigation was immediately launched "upon learning of an appalling and extremely disturbing assignment distributed by a now-former Rancier Middle School teacher."

"There is no argument to condone such an offensive gesture, and we deeply regret the assignment was ever created and distributed to even a small group of students," the letter stated.

Images shared with KRIS 6 show worksheets that have word scrambles and searches titled, "Trigger Words Scramble." The worksheets asked students to guess words based on included definitions and use the slurs in a sentence and match them with colors.

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As KRIS 6 points out, Rancier's population of 785 students includes 90 percent who identify as a minority with the majority of students being Black and Hispanic.

Read the full report over at KRIS 6 News.