Watch: GOP operative thanks God for killing Georgia House Speaker because he was an 'obstacle' to abortion bans

At the Georgia March for Life gathering on Friday, Georgia Director for the National Federation of Republican Assemblies Nathaniel Darnell thanked God in a public prayer for the death of Georgia state House Speaker David Ralston, calling the late lawmaker an "obstacle" to passing more restrictive abortion bans, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution statehouse reporter Maya T. Prabhu.

Ralston, a Republican, passed away after an "extended illness" at 68 in November, just two weeks after announcing he would be stepping down due to health issues. He led the Georgia House of Representatives for 13 years.

"Lord, may you please confront those legislators who might seek to be an obstacle to these efforts," said Darnell. "We thank you for how you have relieved us from one legislator, a speaker who made himself an obstacle, and we pray that, Father, you would help other legislators to serve you in fear and to take warning."

In the wake of the Supreme Court's decision in Dobbs v. Jackson, Georgia already passed a measure that functionally bans nearly all abortions. It prohibits any abortion past six weeks — before most women even know they are pregnant — and allows exceptions past that point only for rape, incest, a lethal birth defect or a life-threatening pregnancy complication.

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In most states that allow only these exceptions, even women who qualify for them generally struggle to be approved.

Anti-abortion hardliners want Georgia law to go even further, enshrining fetal "personhood" in the state constitution, according to Prabhu — however, this would require a 2/3rds supermajority of the legislature, which Republicans do not have.

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