'Under the bus she goes': Critics pile on after Trump complains about 'annoying' Kimberly Guilfoyle
Kimberly Guilfoyle - RNC screenshot

Critics of Donald Trump -- of which there are many -- may have finally found common ground with the ex-president after it was reported that he finds his son Don Jr's girlfriend, former Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle, "annoying."

On Friday Politico Playbook reported that the ex-president is furious with Guilfoyle for trading in on her relationship with the Trump family to land a job in scandal-plagued Eric Greiten's campaign to replace retiring Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) in the U.S. Senate.

According to the report, aides to Trump claim, "Trump has been openly griping that Guilfoyle joined Eric Greitens' campaign for Senate in Missouri as national campaign chair, and he's becoming increasingly short with Guilfoyle."

With the report also saying Trump finds her "annoying," Twitter commenters joined in to share their opinions about Don Jr's latest girlfriend.

You can see some comments below: