Klansman told undercover FBI agent it was alright to kill Jews and Blacks because they ‘don’t have souls’

After spending 25 years as an undercover FBI agent, a man identified only as "Scott B." came forward to warn of the domestic terror threat facing America from far-right extremists.

Paul Solotaroff of Rolling Stone spent months interviewing Scott and his former colleagues, and reported the former agent "is haunted by what the people onscreen will do if their movement — and their moment — aren’t thwarted."

"In the hate groups that he breached, Scott encountered credos that only cracked-out satirists could conceive," Solotaroff reported. "One night, he sat up drinking bourbon with a Klansman who laid out the dual-seed theory. In the Garden of Eden, it was Adam, Eve, and Abel, and Abel, born of Adam, sired the white race. Then came the snake with forbidden fruit — only, the 'fruit' was Eve sleeping with the snake. The snake, being Satan, fathered Cain and the mud people, starting off with the Jews. Then, you got your Blacks, gays, commies, and Asians: They’re all the seed of Satan, too. Christians can kill them and it ain’t a sin to do so, since they’re hell spawn who don’t have souls."

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Scott had to navigate the far-right world to stay alive.

"The names of the demons changed as Scott roved the racist circuit: lizard people, beasts of the field, short-faced bears. The rules changed, too, even under the same flag. Aryan Nation disciples in the state of Tennessee trafficked dope and guns and pimped their girls on Backpage, often to Black and brown johns. This raised the hackles of the Right Rev. Richard Butler, who’d founded Aryan Nations in the Seventies. From his compound in Idaho, he sent cease-and-desist letters to those crystal-tweaking heathens down South. For months, he harassed them to change their name; they told him to go f*ck himself. Finally, Butler capitulated: They could call themselves Aryan Nation if they studied Scripture with him. And so it came to pass: The Tennessee apostates got religion and kept selling speed to all comers. Scott busted that crew in 2018, sending 44 members to the pen," he wrote.

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