Kristi Noem's political future in shambles after right-wingers turn on her: report

On Saturday, The Daily Beast outlined how Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD), once considered one of the GOP's rising stars, now finds herself sidelined as right-wing activists are divided over her recent actions.

"South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem seemed to be on the fast track: a national profile, a good relationship with former President Donald Trump, and the favor of conservatives in her state and across the country. But a bill targeting transgender athletes — and the no-win politics that have engulfed the legislation — now suddenly threatens to sideline her ambitions," reported Tom Lawrence and Will Sommer. "House Bill 1217 in the South Dakota legislature would prohibit transgender women from participating in female sports. And while Noem first celebrated the measure's passage in early March, the ramifications of such a law, and the subsequent changes Noem is now seeking, have drawn ire from conservative activists and right-wing media."

Noem has argued that she still supports the measure, but that it needs to be revised to carve out college athletics because, "If South Dakota passes a law that's against their policy, they will likely take punitive action against us."

Her position has put her at odds with far-right lawmakers and groups who want the restrictions to pass as written.

"The conservative website The Federalist, which dubbed Noem a 'rockstar' as recently as January, has now become a hub for Noem criticism. Federalist writers have accused Noem of ruining her political 'star power' and 'walking into a political buzz saw' with the veto," said the report. "Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter called the veto an 'utterly insane unforced error' in a Wednesday column, claiming that he got "a weird vibe" from Noem after meeting her at a conservative conference."

"She was considered a shining star in the GOP with a bright future. No more," said Michael Farris of the Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-LGBTQ hate group influential in GOP politics, in a Facebook post. "We don't need leaders who lack the courage to stand up to the corporate bullies who want to turn our country into an amoral wasteland filled with compliant consumers."

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