Turning Point USA kicks out right-wing journalist who 'aggressively' ambushed Kyle Rittenhouse over BLM support: report
Elad Eliahu being ejected from "America Fest" (screengrab).

On Monday, The Daily Beast reported drama at America Fest, the gathering of the conservative youth group Turning Point USA, as a right-wing reporter was ejected for "aggressively" questioning acquitted Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse, who fatally shot two people and injured a third while trying to protect businesses from a protest against the police shooting of Jacob Blake last year, was recently found not guilty of murder in the incident and emerged as a right-wing folk hero, being invited as a speaker to the TPUSA event.

But Rittenhouse also caused controversy among the circles supporting him when he said in an interview he supports the Black Lives Matter movement — and this was the subject of the altercation that occurred when journalist Elad Eliahu came at him during the TPUSA gathering, according to the report.

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"'Excuse me, Mr. Rittenhouse, can you tell me why you support BLM?' Eliahu could be heard shouting while chasing Rittenhouse at the event," reported Zachary Petrizzo. "Security guards then moved in and pushed Eliahu away while the right-wing journalist stated, 'I am allowed to be here!' Turning Point USA security guards revoked his press credential and threatened him with 'criminal trespassing.' A Turning Point USA spokesperson told The Daily Beast that Eliahu 'rushed Kyle a little too aggressively,' adding that security asked him twice to stand down but he failed to comply with their orders."

According to the report, the spokesperson further commented, "He is for sure not coming back to America Fest."