‘He broke down crying about himself’: Prosecutor accuses Kyle Rittenhouse of having ‘no concern for anyone else’

During closing arguments in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse this Monday, prosecutor Thomas Binger questioned the sincerity of Rittenhouse's recent display of emotion on the witness stand, and suggested that while it may have been legal for Rittenhouse to carry a gun the evening he shot three people, killing two of them, his choice to open carry a firearm was not consistent with his stated goal of protecting property and helping people as a "medic."

"Why do you need 30 rounds of full-metal jacket armor to protect a building?" Binger argued.

According to Binger, Rittenhouse "showed no remorse for his victims."

"And even on the witness stand when he testified on Wednesday, he broke down crying about himself, not about anybody that he hurt that night," Binger said. "No remorse, no concern for anyone else."

Watch the video below:

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