Kyle Rittenhouse defense attorney rants against 'liar' prosecutor during closing arguments

The defense attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse went off on the prosecutor during the Monday proceedings and closing arguments.

During closing arguments, prosecutors told jurors that Rittenhouse "provoked violence in Kenosha" when he was walking through the Wisconsin streets with his AR-15.

Defense attorney Mark Richards called prosecutor Thomas Binger out for "lying to save his own skin" and "misrepresenting" the evidence.

Richards claimed Rittenhouse was just "taking off" when the crowd began chasing him, which led to him firing shots at the people charging him in self-defense.

The final speech from Richards is expected to go 2.5 hours.

Prosecutor Binger faced off against Judge Bruce Schroeder several times throughout the trial, including one debate where Binger said that he misunderstood when Judge Schroeder banned talking about some things in the trial, despite the defense and defendant addressing them. Judge Schroeder unleased, saying that he didn't believe the prosecutor.

See the video below: