Kyle Rittenhouse lawyer thinks Donald Trump Jr. is an 'idiot'
Donald Trump, Jr (screengrab)

Mark Richards, Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyer made it clear that he's not a fan of President Donald Trump's son.

In an Insider interview, Richards responded to Donald Trump Jr.'s tweet that the pro-gun group Gun Owners of America would give his client an "award" of an AR-15.

"Gun Owners of America is sending Kyle Rittenhouse an AR-15. Sign the card in support of Kyle. Americans have a fundamental right to defend themselves and to keep and bear arms. The verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is a recognition of those rights," Trump Jr. tweeted before deleting it.

"He's an idiot. I don't have to expand on that because it speaks for itself," Richards said to Insider.

He went on to complain that many Republican elected officials are making money off of his client in their fundraising appeals.

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