Kyle Rittenhouse lawyer drops the hammer on 'idiot' Lin Wood for using the teen to scam money
Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood. (Fox News screengrab)

In an interview with CNN on Friday night, the attorney who successfully defended Kyle Rittenhouse in court after he shot and killed two Black Lives Matter protesters in Kenosha last summer, ripped into the teen's previous attorney for trying to use him as a cash cow.

Speaking with host Chris Cuomo, attorney Mark Richards at one point noted that he didn't agree with America's gun laws -- including a quirk in Wisconsin which allowed his client to own the weapon used in the shooting -- telling the CNN host, "To me – and I know people will go nuts when I say this – but there's too many guns in our society. And that might seem like a hollow statement coming from me."

"I do own firearms. I don't conceal carry. I don't want to carry a firearm. I think too many people run around with guns in our society," he continued. "And I represent a lot of people who have legal conceal carry permits who get into it, they pull the gun and there's problems from there, whether they're under the influence of alcohol or they use it to threaten somebody. I wish our society–I wish our society wasn't perceived as being so dangerous that people needed to arm themselves. I'm old enough when I remember you couldn't carry a gun."

Turning to Wood's brief tenure as Rittenhouse's attorney, where he was accused of letting his client languish in jail to raise more cash from supporters, he was very blunt.

Pointing out that Wood and fellow attorney John Pierce attempted to keep Rittenhouse from being extradited knowing it was a losing cause, he stated they were "raising tons of money on him."

"The Lin Woods, the John Pierces who were basically, you know, I think were trying to whore this kid out for money, for their own causes," he accused before getting personal about Wood who has been enmeshed in Donald Trump's attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

"You know, Lin Wood and I went head to head and you know, he'll probably sue me for it, but he's an idiot who let him [Rittenhouse] talk to The Washington Post while he was under charges for murder," Richards told the CNN host.

"I mean, come on," he added with disgust.

You can watch the entire interview below:

Defense Attorney For Kyle Rittenhouse, Mark Richards Speaks On The Verdicts