Fox News guest slams 'guilty' Kyle Rittenhouse for being unable to produce 'real tears' in courtroom
Fox News/screen grab

Former U.S. Attorney Michael J. Moore told Fox News on Sunday that he expects Kyle Rittenhouse to be found guilty on some counts in his trial for the alleged intentional homicide of two people and wounding a third person.

"I think when you start talking about whether he was hit with a skateboard and that type of thing by one of the victims, that becomes a little bit more unbelievable, given that he had no injuries," Moore explained. "He had a very scripted examination. You know, that's tougher to believe too. And I don't think it's going to be lost on this jury that there weren't a lot of real -- what appeared to be at least -- tears coming out of a performance on the stand."

"You've got a guy who shouldn't have had an AR-15 walking through a crowded area he shouldn't have been in shooting people," he continued.

According to the former U.S. attorney, Rittenhouse created a problem by testifying in his own defense.

"His responses to me sounded much, much too scripted," he said. "Because his answers were trying to fit the law as opposed to telling his own story about what he was really feeling. And I thought that his emotional outburst seemed to be fake. It's hard to have a big emotional outburst and then jump right back into telling the law."

Moore added: "I think it's likely to be a guilty verdict at least on some of the counts. I think the charge where Rittenhouse says he was being hit with the skateboard, I think that's likely a conviction."

Watch the video below from Fox News.