Kyle Rittenhouse fires attorney who raised the $2 million for his bail

Kyle Rittenhouse, the now-18 year old man who killed two people during the unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year, has fired an attorney who had been raising money for his defense, the Associated Press reports.

John Pierce helped raise $2 million for Rittenhouse's bail in November. As the AP points out, Pierce stepped down from Rittenhouse's criminal case in December after prosecutors said he has "significant financial difficulties" and should be barred from raising money for his client.

He had continued to represent Rittenhouse on civil matters.

"Following the recommendation of attorney's and accountants everywhere, we've been offline for a few weeks to setup an independent irrevocable trust strictly for the benefit of Kyle. John Pierce opposed that idea. It is clear that by doing so, we made the right decision," the Twitter account FreeKyleUSA, which speaks for Rittenhouse's family, said Thursday.

"John Pierce was terminated by Kyle on Monday morning. His association with FreeKyleUSA was also terminated. When we begin raising funds again, John Pierce has no involvement and is not connected in any way to the funds being raised. John does not speak for Kyle anymore."

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