9 injured after LAPD detonates illegal fireworks in a residential area during a drought
LAPD disposes of illegal fireworks (Photos: Screen capture)

On Wednesday, the LAPD confiscated fireworks from someone shooting them off ahead of the July 4 holiday.

It wasn't just a few fireworks, however, it was 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks, both homemade and from China, police said.

"A bomb squad was called in to destroy some unstable devices while the boxes were loaded onto a tractor-trailer to be taken away for disposal," said KTLA.

Instead of taking them back to the police station and dunking them in water or holding onto them until California isn't under a dangerous drought with threats of fire, the LAPD exploded them in the residential neighborhood.

"The Los Angeles Fire Department was on standby when the Los Angeles Police Department handled the disposal of the fireworks and a large explosion occurred," the report said, citing the LAFD. "Firefighters are currently evaluating nine patients for unknown injuries with the possibility of more patients as the incident develops."

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