Fox's Lara Logan accuses Biden administration of hiding vaccine side effects

Fox News personality Lara Logan lashed out at President Joe Biden on Friday night while guest-hosting for Tucker Carlson.

"And in Israel, where more than 80% of adults are vaccinated, Covid cases are spiking. Israel now has one of the world's highest daily infection rates. So what explains that?" she asked, even though the obvious answer is that vaccines are intended to prevent serious illness, which is why Israel isn't seeing a crisis in their hospitals like in America's red states.

"In his remarks to the nation, Joe Biden didn't mention that. Instead, he put OSHA — the same agency that's been hiding evidence of vaccine side-effects, in charge of forcing millions of Americans to take the Covid vaccine," Logan said.

Logan's comments on Friday night came after she pushed ridiculous misinformation about U.S. service members resigning over the vaccine mandate, as CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale noted.

CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy noted tonight's show was a far-cry from what Logan said when she joined Fox News.