Dem lawmaker slams 'elitist' Republicans who bullied Capitol cops over metal detectors
KREX screenshot

On MSNBC Saturday, Rep. Norma Torres (D-CA) tore into Republican lawmakers who defied and bullied Capitol Police officers trying to send them through metal detectors.

"I understand some Republican colleagues are defying going through those," said anchor Alex Witt. "They just walked around and made excuses for why going through a metal detector shouldn't apply to them. What do you say to that?"

"They did not just walk around it. There were confrontations that they had in plain view in front of the media, in front of other colleagues with police officers," said Torres. "These people think they are above the law. Elitist behavior to think that you should not have to abide just by basic, you know, principle security that had been set up to protect us, maybe protect us from each other."

"That this was in fact the bullying of how they conduct themselves every single day against our Capitol Police officers, imagine that," added Torres. "Adding insult to the injury that they have just went through, the trauma that they went through, utilizing their own bodies to protect and defend us and literally saved our lives, and yet you have members of Congress that are being verbally abusive to these officers."

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