Lauren Boebert’s right-wing antics are having a surprising impact back home
Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. (Photo via Facebook)

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has gained notoriety for her public displays of firearms -- whether in campaign ads, in the halls of Congress or in the background of her online presence in committee hearings -- and her constituents back home seem to love it.

The Colorado Republican displayed a shotgun and Glock handgun on a shelf behind her during a hearing on gun safety measures, and the stunt drew praise from her supporters -- who were as eager to talk firearm minutiae as policy, reported The Daily Sentinel.

"I think she's just part of that mentality that the Glock is inexpensive, lightweight, easy to service (and there are) a lot of accessories for it," said Greg Algazi, a gunsmith who runs a Glenwood Springs pawn shop. "The accessory market and the after market parts for the Glock are enormous. You can change sights out quickly and cheaply, you can get extra mags quickly and cheaply."

GOP elected officials and party functionaries in her home district have been reluctant to comment on Boebert's activities in Washington, D.C., but many voters support her behavior.

"I feel like she's my voice when I didn't feel like I had one," Jamie Cure, a third-grade teacher from Glenwood Springs, told 5280. "She's ignited me to be proud to be American again."

Local Democrats say they wish the newly elected congresswoman would focus more on policy than social media stunts, and 68 elected officials signed a letter asking House leadership to look into Boebert's activity around the U.S. Capitol riots.

"When I heard about some of the messaging that she was putting out on social media, I felt as a local representative that she was not really representing her constituents," said Glenwood Springs City Council member Shelley Kaup, an independent who signed the letter.

But for her supporters, Boebert is doing exactly what they want her to do.

"She's a strong supporter of (the Second Amendment), as am I," said Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario shortly after the riot. "Our Second Amendment rights are always trying to get eroded. I'm proud of her for being able to stand up for the Second Amendment."