'This isn't difficult to understand': Lauren Boebert ridiculed for insisting Antifa is an organization

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) announced on Twitter Saturday morning that she has proposed legislation to declare Antifa as a "domestic terrorist organization" despite the fact it has been described as a movement with no central leadership.

As CBS reported, "Antifa is not a highly organized movement, nor is it merely an idea. Antifa is a loose affiliation of local activists scattered across the United States and a few other countries."

That didn't stop Boebert from proudly writing, "Yesterday, I introduced a Bill declaring ANTIFA a domestic terrorist organization. Even the Obama administration classified ANTIFA efforts as 'domestic terrorist violence.' Now the Biden administration is pretending that ANTIFA is a myth. It's time to hold ANTIFA accountable."

Critics of the controversial lawmaker most notable for her support of guns, were quick to point that there is nothing that can be "held accountable."

You can see some responses below: