Censuring Lauren Boebert could backfire -- here's how

Some are urging caution as Democrats seek to hold Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) to account for the bigotry she directed at Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

Omar says her life has been threatened following Boebert's statements.

"Our office has been subjected to countless death threats in the wake of Rep. Boebert’s anti-Muslim remarks. To confront anti-Muslim hatred, we must hold those who perpetuate it accountable—to show that we are truly a democracy that respects freedom of religion," Omar said Friday.

But Mother Jones writer Kara Voght wrote that such a move could backfire.

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Voght wrote that "Any punishment Democrats choose could easily backfire—either by providing more ammunition for future dangerous behavior or turning Boebert into a martyr, thereby strengthening her political position. 'This is hard,' Pelosi told her caucus in a closed-door meeting Wednesday, Axios reported, 'because these people are doing it for the publicity.'"

She wrote, "further condemnation at the hands of Democrats could actually embolden Republicans to continue—and perhaps even escalate—such conduct. The Speaker cautioned against any action that would 'contribute to their fundraising' or draw further attention to 'how obnoxious and disgusting they can be.'"

Boebert's fundraising is likely irrelevant after her leading Democratic challenger quit the race. The Denver Post reported Friday that Boebert is likely to cruise to re-election.

Clinton-era strategist James Carville has also publicly warned Democrats about pursing censure.

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"These are just bad people and they're not going to change their behavior at all. And it doesn't do you any good to engage with them," Carville told Anderson Cooper about Boebert and her allies.