Lauren Boebert whines Trump's postmaster ignored her: 'I reached out to you and was denied a meeting'

Donald Trump's handpicked postmaster, Louis DeJoy, is still in office, and now he's angering the members of the far right.

At the hearing with the Subcommittee on Government Operations, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) complained that people in her district don't get their mail in a reasonable amount of time. DeJoy countered that a very high percentage of Americans in rural and urban areas get first-class mail in three to five days.

But Boebert disputed the claim, saying veterans and seniors are not getting their prescriptions in time. Postal positions are going unfilled and many offices are being closed.

"Some people did not receive a single piece of mail for three weeks in my district," Boebert said.

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DeJoy said he recalled the difficulty in the area and they deployed a kind of postal SWAT team where they sent about a dozen staff on the ground and reestablished new contracts to handle the situation. He explained that around the country a lot of damage was done to the postal service due to the pandemic. He argued service in her state was likely better than it was pre-pandemic.

Boebert then said that there was a time in Oct. 2021 when she reached out to talk about the problems they were having.

"I reached out to you personally and was denied a meeting," Boebert complained.

"Reached out to me?" DeJoy asked.

"Yes," she confirmed. DeJoy acted as if it was the first he was hearing of it.

See the segment in the video below or at the link here.

Boebert whines DeJoy wouldn't meet with her