Lauren Boebert doesn't want to 'nitpick what the Bible says' after son gets girlfriend pregnant
The Rubin Report/screen grab

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) declined to criticize her son with Bible verses after he got his girlfriend pregnant out of wedlock.

In a Thursday podcast, host Dave Rubin asked Boebert about her reaction to becoming a grandmother at the age of 36.

"Obviously, I'm a Christian, and there are standards that we like to uphold, but none of us do it perfectly," she explained. "One of the biggest things that I look to is 'him who knows to do right and doesn't; it's sin.'"

"And I mean, there's things all throughout the week that I know is right to do," she continued. "And sometimes, I don't do them. And so we can nitpick what the Bible says is right and wrong, but I think just having that heart posture of wanting to serve God and do the right thing is so important."

Boebert revealed that she would have chosen a different path for her son if she could, but she praised the couple for deciding against having an abortion.

"Of course, but this is where we're at, and we're all embracing it, and we're so happy," she remarked.

She said that because of the pregnancy, her son had given up dreams of attending Universal Technical Institute in Florida. Instead, her son planned to take petroleum engineering courses at the community college.

"So certainly there are some beliefs that you, like wait, this isn't exactly right and exactly what we have taught you, but this is where we're at, and we're gonna teach you about redemption and how to move forward," the lawmaker added.

Earlier this year, Boebert appeared to call for President Joe Biden's death using a Bible verse.

"You know, [the Bible] says, 'Let his days be few and another take his office,'" she told a crowd in February. The quote comes from Psalms 109:8 and also calls for "his children [to] be fatherless and his wife a widow."

Watch the video below from The Rubin Report.