Lauren Boebert called out by CNN's Tapper for attempt to exploit the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins
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In his concluding remarks at the end of Sunday's "State of the Union," CNN host Jake Tapper lit up Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) -- as well as a host of other Republicans -- for their appalling comments posted to Twitter after the tragic movie set shooting involving actor Alec Baldwin.

"There's something about our politics right now that is driving people away from our shared humanity," Tapper began as he shared Boebert's tweet on screen." Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado apparently spent time and did some digging about Baldwin's 'hands up, don't shoot movement' tweet; Baldwin, is, of course, not only progressive but very aggressive and outspoken about liberal issues, including gun control."

"The Colorado congresswoman thought it was funny to exploit hands up, don't shoot, to make a joke at the expense of Baldwin but really more importantly to make a joke at the expense of Halyna Hutchins and her husband Matthew and their son," he continued. "Most disappointing, perhaps, was a tweet from the former marine and law grad and for a time CNN contributor, hired because of his perceived insight and empathy. J.D. Vance is a conservative for whom a lot of folks once had great hope, would rise to become a real leader but he's running in a Senate primary in Ohio that seems to have become the fear factor test for American politics, with contestants positioned against one another, as to who can appeal to the best to the lowest, common denominator."

"Vance joke asked for Twitter to remove its ban on Donald Trump, because, quote, 'we need Alec Baldwin tweets'; in other words, Vance appears to be saying we need to see Donald Trump attack Baldwin hours after this tragedy at this moment to exploit this horror in which an innocent woman, mother, wife, artist was killed."

"Vance seems to want Trump to attack and mock for a global audience Alec Baldwin for killing a woman in what almost certainly was a tragic accident, regardless of the pain of Matthew Hutchins," he added. "J.D. Vance, why? Presumably because he thinks it will help him win supporters. He did it to win votes. In other words, the cruelty is a feature of his candidacy, not a bug."

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