Jimmy Kimmel mocks Lauren Boebert for 'wearing glasses to make it seem like she can read'
KREX screenshot

Jimmy Kimmel fired back at Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert on Thursday night, after she called him a "sexist pig" in a recent tweet.

Boebert attacked Kimmel in response to a monologue last week in which he played a video of her demanding "a full investigation into just how many puppies were eaten alive on (Dr. Anthony) Fauci's watch."

"Every time I see this woman speak, I expect it to turn into stepmother porn," Kimmel said in the monologue.

On Thursday, Kimmel responded to Boebert's tweet by calling her an "idiot" and "rude."

"All I did was say her videos remind me of stepmother porn, which I thought was obviously a joke. Her videos are so much dumber than stepmother porn," Kimmel said.

He added that some of Boebert's videos are "so unbelievably over the top" that they "seem like sketches from Saturday Night Live."

"So much so that we went out on the street, and we showed some people passing by clips of her actual videos," Kimmel said. "We told them they were from Saturday Night Live last weekend, and asked them if they thought SNL had been too mean. Wouldn't you know it, we found all sorts of people who thought her real videos were written comedy bits."

Watch the reactions from people on the street below.

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