Five fetuses found at home of anti-abortion activist who feared 'people would freak out when they heard'
Lauren Handy. (Nathan Baca/WUSA-TV)

Police discovered five fetuses at the home of a notorious anti-abortion activist in Washington, D.C.

Officers on Wednesday raided the home of Lauren Handy, who was indicted on felony conspiracy charges that same day, after receiving a tip about possible biohazard material at the Capitol Hill residence, reported WUSA-TV.

"Handy declined to speak on camera Wednesday, but told WUSA9 she expected the raid to happen 'sooner or later,'" said investigative reporter Nathan Baca. "She also declined at the time to say what was in the coolers, saying only that 'people would freak out when they heard.'"

Handy, the founder of the group Mercy Missions, was indicted by a federal grand jury with nine other anti-choice activists on conspiracy charges related to an October 2020 blockade at a D.C. abortion clinic, and she had been arrested and sued multiple times related to her activism.

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The indictment shows Handy called the clinic pretending to be a woman needing an abortion and made an appointment for Oct. 22, 2020, and she and her co-defendants forced their way into the building when an employee opened the door to her.

The group allegedly knocked that employee over, causing her to injure her ankle, and then blocked the entrance with chairs, ropes and chains.

All nine defendants were charged with conspiracy against rights, which is a felony with a maximum 10-year prison term, and clinic access obstruction.

Police have not released additional information about the fetuses found inside Handy's home.

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