WATCH: Flat Earther Republican blocked from flying to Mike Lindell's conspiracy theory symposium
Lauren Witzke. (Screenshot)

One of the most controversial candidates from the 2020 election was not allowed to fly on Monday.

Far-right activist Lauren Witzke was the Republican Party nominee for U.S. Senate in Delaware, but lost by over 20% points.

In September, The Daily Beast reported that "while Witzke has been photographed wearing a QAnon T-shirt and has repeatedly posted QAnon hashtags on social media, even as she now claims not to believe in the theory, her connections to the right's darkest internet fringes go far beyond QAnon. And she's not particularly inclined to hide them either."

"Witzke has also more or less endorsed the idea of Trump becoming a lifelong king of the United States, and said she believes that the earth is flat," The Beast explained, months before the January 6th insurrection. "But the story of how, in just a few years, Witzke went from being a drug-dealing heroin addict to a QAnon-believing, racism-spewing, Flat Earth-believing nominee for federal office illustrates both the tumultuous politics of 2020 and the conspiracy theories and racist beliefs gaining traction in the GOP."

On Monday, Witzke announced on the social networking site Gab that she had been blocked from flying.

"Harassed by TSA & Homeland Security AGAIN while headed to Mike Lindell's symposium. Wasn't permitted to board my flight in Chicago and am now being chaperoned by DHS," Witzke revealed.

She posted video of the incident to Gab, where it spread to Twitter: