WATCH: Employee smacks down homophobic 'Karen' who called to complain about company's LGBTQ Pride Month post

One customer-service representative deserves an award for her eloquent smackdown of an anti-gay bigot who called to complain about a company's social-media post celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month.

TikTok user Hannah (@actuallynothx), who was apparently working from home, posted video from the call recorded on her computer. Hannah's initial video has been viewed more than 800,000 times in four days, with many commenters praising her response to the hateful woman on the other end of the line.

Near the start of the video, the caller compares the undisclosed company's Pride Month post to slipping something in a child's drink.

"Ma'am, people putting stuff in your children's drink has nothing to do with Pride Month," Hannah calmly responds.

"No, you don't understand what I'm saying," the caller rants. "Hollywood is glorifying this culture. ... It is wrong to glorify this culture, and that's what you're doing, and I'm so offended."

"Well ma'am, people all around the world and all around the country and businesses have been glorifying straight culture for hundreds and hundreds of years," Hannah responds.

"You are forcing this culture on our children," the caller says, her voice growing louder.

"If you would rather yell at me than have a discussion, I'm going to hang up the phone," Hannah warns.

"You are a disgusting human being," the caller screams.

"OK, well I think you're disgusting. Bye," Hannah says, before apparently hanging up.

In a follow-up post showing another portion of the call, Hannah is even more eloquent in her support for LGBTQ rights, explaining that Pride Month is about "visibility and openness."

The caller goes on to claim that the Pride Month post is inappropriate for children "because it's approving that lifestyle and that lifestyle is wrong."

"Well, we don't agree with that," Hannah says. "And I personally very strongly disagree with that, actually."

Finally, the caller claims that many children are committing suicide because they've been exposed to LGBTQ content.

"Actually, most of those youths are committing suicide due to a lack of acceptance," Hannah says, dropping the mic.

Numerous commenters praised Hannah's patience, with one writing, "Ugh I'm sorry you have to field these calls."

"It's cool tomorrow is my last day," Hannah responded.

Watch it below.

(h/t: Pink News)


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