'Step away from the bong': Internet laughs at Lin Wood for claiming Pence will be executed for treason
Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood. (Fox News screengrab)

On Friday, pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood — already raising eyebrows for suggesting Chief Justice John Roberts was involved in Antonin Scalia's death and that deceased pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is still alive — took things a step further, tweeting that outgoing Vice President Mike Pence will be executed for treason and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will "save" the election.

It is unclear why he thinks Pence committed treason, or why he thinks Pompeo would have any role in anything if Pence were removed from office, although it is possible he incorrectly believes Pompeo is next in the line of succession — in reality, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is.

Wood's latest conspiracy theory drew an instant reaction from commenters on social media.