Trump-loving lawyer Lin Wood laments his children won't talk to him anymore — but he'll still fight for Trump
Lin Wood in the Oval Office. (Official White House photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

One of President Donald Trump's former legal pals took to social media Sunday to lament that for the second year in a row, his children won't speak to him on Father's Day.

This year, however, he promised that it doesn't matter because he's still dedicating his life to God, by being loyal to Trump.

"I will reverse roles and give them a gift which in time, they will cherish for the rest of their lives," Wood wrote. "My gift to them is my renewed commitment to fight the enemies of freedom so that my children and their children and generations of children to come, (sic) will breathe the fresh air of liberty."

He pledged that he would never quit his fight. "I only surrender to God," he continued. "'Insignificant' will not be on my tombstone."

Given the attacks from his foes and even from fellow Republicans, Wood certainly won't be forgotten, but he might be remembered in a way he wouldn't appreciate.

"One man CAN make a difference," Wood promised. "And every man should try. I know millions of Patriot (sic) fathers share my feelings and will give this same gift to their children today."

Wood maintains that Trump will rise to power in August and supports the idea of a military backchannel that Trump has to control the American Armed Forces. Neither is true. Wood is also being investigated for mental fitness by the Georgia State Bar Association.

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