George Conway accuses Lincoln Project of violating federal law as scandal grows
George Conway appears on CNN (Screen cap).

The Lincoln Project appears to be in a political crisis following a bombshell report on predatory behavior toward young men by co-founder John Weaver.

On Thursday, New York magazine published a report by Miranda Green titled, "The Predator in the Lincoln Project John Weaver used his power to get jobs for young men he allegedly harassed. His colleagues were warned."

Following publication, co-founder George Conway called for an independent counsel to investigate.

Later in the evening, the group raised eyebrows by posting screenshots that appeared to show private Twitter DMs of former New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Jennifer Horn.

"Lincoln Project seems to have taken down photos it posted of Jennifer Horn's Twitter account that it seems rather unlikely she gave her former colleagues permission to access, screenshot and post," New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman posted to Twitter.

Before the tweets were deleted, Conway retweeted the screenshots and suggested they were a violation of federal law.

"This looks on its face to be a violation of federal law and should be taken down immediately," Conway tweeted.

The Lincoln Project announced it would hire an outside investigator as six former employees of the organization ask to be released from non-disclosure agreements.

Emily Ramshaw, the CEO of The 19th News says the publication will not be intimidated and will continue to pursue its investigation.