New Lincoln Project ad blasts corporate donors who bankrolled 'murderous violence on Jan. 6'

As a House select committee begins its investigation into the Capitol insurrection, a new ad from the conservative Lincoln Project targets corporations and CEOs who allegedly "helped financed the very structure that led to the murderous violence on Jan. 6."

"Who funds the politicians trying to cover up the assault on America's Capitol?" the ad's narrator asks, following a clip of former president Donald Trump falsely claiming that insurrectionists were "hugging and kissing the police."

The answer, according to the ad, includes "leaders of the most respected and successful companies in America," such as Koch Industries, Cigna, AT&T, and R.J. Reynolds.

The ad also singles out Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman, who gave $40 million to Trump, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP machine. The title of the ad is "Wayne Berman," a reference to the global head of government affairs for Blackstone.

"Schwarzman wasn't the only industry leader who contributed to the authoritarian GOP; he's just the first we've named and far from the last," the narrator says, as a several other names flash across the screen. "Stephen Schwarzman and these other leaders can contribute their money to whatever causes and politicians they choose. Donating, even to bad people, is their right, just as telling you who they are and what they did is ours."

Watch it below.

Wayne Berman